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This program regulates the operation of tanning facilities in Iowa. It requires an annual facility permit, testing of operators, and inspections of the facility. Facilities covered under these requirements include but are not limited to, public and private businesses, hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums, and health and country clubs. Approximately 1000 facilities have a permit to operate as a tanning facility in Iowa.

Annual inspections are conducted to ensure that the facilities are in compliance with the Iowa requirements and that the health and safety of Iowans is protected.

These rules do not regulate spray tanning or red light therapy units.

Information Notices for Facilities

Tanning News for Facilities

No age restrictions for tanners

The Iowa Legislature did not pass any laws restricting tanning for persons under the age of 18.  Therefore, at this time, tanning is still permitted for all persons regardless of age. 

Red Light Therapy Lamps

   Red light therapy lamps may only be used in therapy units specific for red light therapy.  Red light therapy lamps may not be used in tanning beds or mixed with tanning lamps.  Tanning lamps may not be used in red light therapy lamps or mixed with red light therapy lamps.

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