Renew a License

All licenses issued or renewed after July 1, 2014, will expire on June 30, 2017.  Licensees have a 30 day grace period to renew their license without paying additional penalties or late fees.  After 30 days and up to 60 days past the expiration date of the license, the license is still valid but you must submit an additional $60 late penalty fee in addition to meeting the other requirements for renewal.  If your license has not been renewed within 60 days of its expiration date, it is no longer valid for practice in the state of Iowa. However, the license may still be renewed by meeting the renewal requirements and submitting the late renewal penalty fee.  If your license is more than one year past its expiration date, the license is also not valid for practice in the state of Iowa and you must meet the requirements for reinstatement of the license. 

Renewal Requirements

To renew a license, applicants must submit an application for renewal (either online or via a paper application), pay the renewal fee, and meet the continuing education requirements for renewal.  Continuing education hours must be completed during the renewal term of the license to be eligible (unless your license expired over 365 days ago - reinstatement requires either retesting or retaking all continuing education hours).  Please see the "Continuing Education" link to the left for details on continuing education requirements.  Allow up to 4 weeks for processing all applications.

Reinstatement Requirements (License expired more than 1 year ago)

If your license expired more than one year ago, you must meet the requirements for reinstatement.  A licensee has two options for reinstatement:  1) either retaking and successfully passing the applicable licensing examination; or (2) retaking and successfully completing all continuing education requirements.  The appropriate license renewal fee must also be paid and board rules specify that a licensee shall not be entitled to a prorated, reduced renewal fee. 

To reinstate by “retaking” continuing education – you must provide evidence of taking the required number of continuing education courses for each license you are seeking to reinstate.  The courses must be taken at least one year after the license expiration date to qualify.  For example, if your license expired on March 1, 2014, courses must be taken after March 1, 2015, to qualify for reinstatement of your license.  If your license has been lapsed for more than one renewal cycle (e.g. in 2011), you must provide proof of retaking CEUs for each renewal cycle in which the license has been lapsed.  For example, to reinstate a single plumbing license that lapsed in 2011, 16 hours of CEUs would be required.

To reinstate by retaking the applicable licensing exam, download an Exam Candidate Application from our website (located under the link for “Examination”) or submit the online Exam Candidate Application and select previous journey or master license as the basis for the application.  The application must be submitted along with the fee of $35 for each examination.  Upon approval, you will be sent information on scheduling your examination through Kirkwood Community College.  A testing fee of $95 per examination must be paid directly to Kirkwood.

After you have successfully completed your examination or continuing education, submit the application for renewal, along with the correct fee for each license you are reinstating.  Please note the renewal application cannot be submitted online if your license has been lapsed for more than one year.  No paper application fee will be charged.

Combining Licenses into a Mechanical License

For licensees that currently hold a HVAC/R and a hydronics license at the same level of master or journeyperson, you may elect to combine these licenses into a single mechanical license. Renewal fees will be assessed as a single license if converting to the mechanical license.  PLEASE NOTE - If you are renewing into the new MECHANICAL license, you will have to submit that application BEFORE submitting a plumbing or specialty license in order to qualify for a multiple license discount. See Instructions Below.


  • Paper applications must be submitted with a $25.00 processing fee. The paper application fee is waived if your license expired more than one year ago. 
  • Late renewal may be subject to an additional late penalty fee. If you submit your application more than 30 days late, but less than one year late, include an additional $60 late penalty fee for each trade discipline license being renewed late.
  • If your license renewal term is less than the full three years, renewal fees will be prorated using a one-sixth deduction for each six-month period of the renewal cycle. However, if you are reinstating your license, you are not entitled to a prorated, reduced renewal fee. 
  • See Fees link on the left for complete information.

Online Renewal

Online renewal of licenses is not available at this time.  If you have a license that has already expired or is due to expire PRIOR to June 30, 2017, you must submit a paper renewal application, along with the appropriate fee.  The normal $25 paper application fee will be waived. 

If your license expires on June 30, 2017, it CANNOT be renewed at this time.  The board is currently upgrading its database and we do anticipate that online renewal will be available again sometime in May 2017.  If your license expires on June 30, 2017, a renewal notice will be mailed to you approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date of your license with instructions on how to renew the license.  Please be sure the board has correct address information on file by updating your online account (https://eservices.iowa.gov/pmsb/) or by submitting an online address change here: http://idph.iowa.gov/pmsb/address-changes.

Paper Renewal Application