Modernizing Public Health

"What should every Iowan reasonably expect from local and state public health?"

A partnership between local and state public health is working to advance the quality and performance of public health in Iowa. Through the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa initiative, the partnership is defining basic standards of service delivery to all Iowans.

Modernizing Public Health in Iowa is a continuation of Redesigning Public Health in Iowa. Redesign focused on the development of the Iowa Public Health Standards, and developing a plan to implement those standards. Modernization in Iowa will focus on bringing about the actions described in the implementation plan. Both Redesign and Modernization are partnerships between local and state public health.

If you have questions about Modernizing Public Health in Iowa please contact Joy Harris, the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa Coordinator at 515-281-3377 .

Latest Updates:

March 2017

Public Health Advisory Council Meeting – March 2, 2017

Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director, Gerd Clabaugh, began the meeting by reiterating the charge and purpose of the council. He articulated the financial uncertainty of public health and informed the council he is anticipating a range of recommendations up to and including legislative changes in order to advance the work of the council and the governmental public health system. Brenda Dobson, Division Director for the IDPH Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention, presented on local public health service delivery. Maps, prepared by William Brant from the Data Management Program at IDPH, documenting disease outbreaks were discussed. Megan Aucutt from the Division of Tobacco Use and Prevention at IDPH presented on the use of tobacco among women of childbearing age. Stephanie Trusty Family Health at IDPH, presented on several data systems related to smoking in pregnant women. Kevin Officer, Environmental Health Services at IDPH, presented on the Childhood Lead program. As part of defining public health and the Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS), the council ranked priority areas regarding Maternal Child Health (MCH) for the matrix work. An updated flow chart for the communicable disease control program is scheduled to be discussed at the next meeting in May 2017.