Modernizing Public Health

"What should every Iowan reasonably expect from local and state public health?"

A partnership between local and state public health is working to advance the quality and performance of public health in Iowa. Through the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa initiative, the partnership is defining basic standards of service delivery to all Iowans.

Modernizing Public Health in Iowa is a continuation of Redesigning Public Health in Iowa. Redesign focused on the development of the Iowa Public Health Standards, and developing a plan to implement those standards. Modernization in Iowa will focus on bringing about the actions described in the implementation plan. Both Redesign and Modernization are partnerships between local and state public health.

If you have questions about Modernizing Public Health in Iowa please contact Joy Harris, the Modernizing Public Health in Iowa Coordinator at 515-281-3377 .


Latest Updates:

September 2017

Public Health Advisory Council Meeting – September 7, 2017


Joy Harris, Modernization coordinator for the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), shared the department’s accreditation progress. She also provided an overview of the work being done to define what being a chief health strategist means as outlined in the IDPH strategic plan. Kevin Officer and Stuart Schmitz, IDPH Lead Program, summarized their previous presentations about the lead program and proposed some possible recommendations. Advisory Council members proposed that the lead program take the next steps with those recommendations. Dr. Ann Garvey, State Veterinarian and Deputy Medical Director, briefed the council about information provided by the Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology (CADE) at IDPH on the individual case investigation process. Dr. Garvey proposed possible recommendations for changes to the system. The council requested more data and more specific recommendations to deliberate for the next meeting. Work will continue at the November meeting of the council.