Reports & Studies

The Iowa Gambling Treatment Program funds research activities to assist IGTP in evaluating current programming, as well as identify state trends to assist in meeting the needs of Iowans impacted by problem gambling. 

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors: A 2011 Survey of Adult Iowans PDF

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors: A 2013 Survey of Adult Iowans PDF

Executive Summary PDF

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors: A 2015 Survey of Adult Iowans

Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors Among Iowa College Students (2013) PDF

Executive Summary PDF


Iowa Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

(State Added Gambling Questions)

2010-2016 BRFSS Gambling Question Comparison Report PDF


Iowa Gambling Treatment Outcomes (IGTO) Reports

IGTO 2004-2013 Reports

IGTO: 2015 Report PDF


Iowa Youth Survey Problem Gambling Questions

IYS 2012: Problem Gambling Questions Report PDF

IYS 2014: Problem Gambling Questions Report PDF

IYS 2016: Problem Gambling Questions Report PDF


Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Annual Reports


Other Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Reports

Developing Problem Gambling Distance Treatment Services in Iowa PDF

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Iowa, Volberg, 1995 PDF

Healthy Iowans 2010, Chapter 20 Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling (Mid-Course Revision) PDF

Increasing Gambling Treatment Enrollment in Iowa PDF

Internet Poker: A Public Health Perspective PDF

Iowa Department of Public Health Gambling Treatment Services: Four Years of Evidence PDF

Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Evaluation Services Project: Follow-up Study Final Report PDF


Other Problem Gambling Related Reports

2016 Survey of Problem Gambling Services in the United States (APGSA/NCPG) PDF

Reinvesting In Iowa (Charitable Giving, Iowa Gaming Association) 

Socioeconomic Impact of Gambling on Iowans (2014) PDF

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Studies