Resources and Valuable Web Sites

American Academy of Pediatrics-publications

This site has information for child care providers and parents. Healthy Child Care America http://www.healthychildcare.org has health and safety information for child care providers.

American with Disabilities Act pertaining to child care

The ADA site gives guidance on making the child care setting accessible to all children and accommodating to the physical, health, and developmental needs of children with disabilities.

Caring for Our Children - National Health and Safety Performance Standards Guidelines For Early Care and Education Programs (3rd edition)

This site contains the national health and safety standards for child care.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This site has fact sheets for communicable diseases.

Child Abuse - To Report Child Abuse

http://dhs.iowa.gov/child-abuse Iowa Department of Human Services Child Abuse Website

Child Abuse Information


Prevent Child Abuse Iowa has information about preventing child abuse and neglect, and child advocacy.

Child Care Regulations for Iowa Centers and Child Development Homes


The Iowa Department of Human Services website has resources available for child care providers to assist them with licensing and registration requirements.

Child Care Resource and Referral (Iowa)


Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) is a program to support quality child care throughout the state of Iowa. CCR&R is available to assist families in selecting child care providers who best meet the needs of a child and their family. Child Care Consultants provide on-site consultation to licensed preschools, centers, nonregistered home providers and Child Development Home providers.

Children's Defense Fund

CDF is a child advocacy program that monitors national events and actions that aid children or put children at risk. CDF has a system to alert professionals about pending issues of great importance to children.

Dental Screening & Oral Health

Dental screening aids the early detection and making of referrals for treatment of dental disease; reduces impact of dental disease; encourages effective oral health practices early in life; and promotes the importance of oral health as an integral component of preparation for school and learning.

Early Childhood Iowa (ECI)

"Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful".  Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) was founded on the premise that communities and state government can work together to improve the well being of our youngest children. ECI's efforts unite agencies, organizations and community partners to speak with a shared voice to support, strengthen and meet the needs of all young children and families.


Environmental Health

The following websites have information related to environmental health issues that effect children:

•  Air Quality
•  Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Health and Dental Insurance for Iowa Children

Help children have access to quality health care through the hawk-i program.

Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children (Iowa AEYC)

Iowa Core Knowledge of Child Development http://www.iowaaeyc.org/iowa-core-knowledge-of-child-development.cfm

The Iowa Core Knowledge of Child Development assists adults with ideas to increase their knowledge and their ability to appropriately respond to children in their lives - whether as a parent, guardian, grandparent, child care provider, family support worker, retail employee, medical provider, or any other role as a positive adult in the life of a child.

Iowa Immunization Forms

Iowa SIDS Foundation


The Iowa Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Foundation is a statewide, non-profit, voluntary health organization dedicated to providing emotional support to SIDS and SUID families residing in Iowa, educating professionals and the general public about SIDS and risk reduction, and funding medical research into the causes of SIDS.

Iowa's voluntary Quality Rating System

The link to Iowa's voluntary Quality Rating System for child care providers offers resources and forms for providers. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions. The purpose of QRS is to raise the quality of child care in Iowa, increase the number of children in high-quality child care settings, and educate parents about quality in child care. Health and safety questions related to the QRS should be directed to your Child Care Nurse Consultant.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training for Iowa Early Childhood and School-age Professionals


Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training is available FREE and ONLINE for Iowa early care and education providers. You will need your DHS registry account ID (firstname.lastname@iowaid) to register.   

National After School Alliance

The National Afterschool Alliance supports child care providers working with school-age children in before and after school and summer programs. The National Afterschool Alliance has national standards for quality school-age care.

National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAEYC is a professional organization for child care providers. This website has materials and other resources for child care providers. The NAEYC accreditation standards and process are listed.

National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies

NACCRRA is a professional organization supporting personnel of child care resource and referral agencies and child care providers. NACCRRA has materials for child care providers that focus on developing quality child care programs.

National Association of Family Child Care

NAFCC supports child care providers that work in their own home or in the homes of the children they care for.

National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care

The National Resource Center seeks to improve the quality of child care by supporting state and local health agencies, child care resource and referral agencies, and child care providers. This site has various print and electronic resources to aid the child care provider in responding to health and safety issues.

Period of PURPLE Crying

Period of PURPLE crying website

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome has information about the Period of PURPLE Crying, research, and online videos on infant crying and soothing techniques.  

Playground Safety


The National Program for Playground Safety has resource materials and training available to improve the safety of children in outdoor play.

Poison Control

For emergencies or for assistance regarding a poisoning event

Safe Kids Campaign

The National Safe Kids Campaign is dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries. They work to reduce traffic injuries, drowning, falls, burns, poisonings and more. The website has information for preventing childhood injuries.

Shaken Baby

The Shaken Baby Task Force seeks to educate the public about the dangers of shaking a baby. Find helpful hints about coping with a crying baby and anger management. This website has various free resources to aid in educating and preventing this tragedy. They offer a free 24-hour emergency hotline .  

Substance Abuse

Iowa child care providers may work with children and families effected by substance abuse. Iowa has a network of programs to assist community members in understanding the concerns and issues of substance abuse.

24 hour Substance Abuse Helpline

Universal Precautions for Iowa Early Childhood and School-age Professionals


Universal Precautions is available for FREE and ONLINE for Iowa early care and education providers.  You will need your DHS registry Account ID (firstname.lastname@iowaid) to register. A sample OSHA Exposure Control Plan is available for free download on the "Printed Products" tab on this website.