Funding Opportunities

With the exception of the Request for Proposal to License Medical Cannabidiol Manufacturer RFP 58819009 (see below); All current funding opportunities available from the IDPH are posted on the IowaGrants website at www.IowaGrants.gov.  The competitive selection documents will remain available at this link for the duration of the application period.

Request for Proposal (RFP) #58819009 to License Medical Cannabidiol Manufacturer- Posted April 11, 2018

The RFP for Medical Cannabidiol Manufacturer License is posted here and will remain available through the due date of applications (refer to RFP section 1.05). Interested parties must submit an intent to apply email by 4:00 PM local Iowa time Wednesday May 16, 2018 in order for the application to be considered (refer to RFP section 1.05 for intent to apply requirements).

Interested parties must carefully review the RFP document and follow the instructions contained therin; as well as obtain and include in their application all required forms posted below (refer to RFP section 3). Note that this RFP does not provide funding from the Department to the successful licensee.

Request for Proposal Document, and any associated amendments:

Request for Proposal #58819009 to License Medical Cannabidiol Manufacturer

RFP Written Questions and Responses:

Responses to properly submitted questions will be added in compliance with the Schedule of Events table in section 1.05 of the RFP.

Round 1 Questions and Responses- posted May 9, 2018

Round 2 Questions and Responses- posted May 23, 2018

Draft technical review and score tool for submitted applications (reference only):

Draft Technical Review Form- Reference only

Draft Score Tool Form- Reference only

Required Forms:

These forms may be downloaded as Word documents, plain text files, or PDF files. Click on the link, then go to "File" and select "Download as." Choose the type of file you would like to download.

Required Form: Cover Page

Required Form: Statutory Requirements Certification Form

Required Form: Licensing/Regulatory Authority Release Form

Required Form: Proper Zoning Form

Required Form: Owner Certification Form


Intent to Release Substance Use and Problem Gambling Services Integrated Network RFP

Integrated Network RFP Overview PDF

Request for Information: If IDPH has any open Requests for Information (RFI), they will be contained in the section below.

Simulation in Motion - Iowa RFI May 2018PDF