Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Registration Program

The Program is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and approving training courses and continuing education classes.
  • Maintaining a registry of properly trained testers.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Registration Rules: 641 Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 26  PDF

Registered Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers are listed at the following links. These lists will be updated approximately quarterly. If you find an error on the list, please notify the program contacts below.

Forms for registering as a BPAT:

Training related resources:

Other Resources:

Primary Contact:

  • Randy Lane (515) 281-5894

For information on the requirements for backflow prevention and cross-connection control please visit the State Plumbing Code website and click on the link to Chapter 25, Iowa State Plumbing Code

Primary Contact for the Iowa Plumbing Code:

  • John Kelly (515) 724-9961