Board of Barbering - Renewal

Continuing Education Update

The requirement per legislation is barbers must obtain three hours of continuing education each biennium with one of the hours in Iowa law.

License Renewal Process

To expedite the processing of your license renewal, you can take advantage of our online renewal application. Online license renewal is fast, safe and convenient! You can renew online up to 60 days before your current license expires. You may renew your license for 30 days after your current license expires but will be required to pay a late fee. Once the online renewal process is complete, the license is immediately renewed and a new wallet card will be mailed to you within three working days. To renew online, go to https://IBPLicense.iowa.gov/

Personal License Renewal Process Rules

Barbershop Establishment Renewal Process Rules

Please refer to board rules for the process to renew a barbershop establishment license.

Continuing education is not a requirement for a barbershop establishment renewal.